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Assen Races **SPOILER**

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Just incase you think he can't ride, he cliped the dirt... The it was all bad from there..

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looks like he was alittle pissed at the one field marshall. it appeared that Ben's R1 was jack up, reminds me of that clip where the bull goes over the fence in the crowd. i give thanks to the field marshalls, because they are out there for us and because they too like road racing, cause they don't make alot of money
Too bad I didn't get to watch the race before you announced it Thanks a lot
need spoiler in the title and take out the detail about Ben Spies crashing for those who missed the race on Sunday or those that are DVR'ing it today at lunchtime.
Race 1 was much better :thumbsup:
I thougt it was only a spoiler if the race didn't air... And yes race 1 was much better, I clapped a bunch, like if I was at the race.
wow, good find.... nice angle of the crash.

yeah, I was jumping up and down on race one! race ive seen in awhile
Track workers are too touchy-feely. If been keps this up, he'll win more races than Haga......and still lose the championship. But down 60 points this early in the season isn't an impossible task FOR HIM to overcome!
It douches like you that make some of us avoid the forums for days until we can get a hold of the race to watch.
Time for new gear...
3 days, Nevaeh. You know better than that.

And yeah that was a bugger of a wreck. Spies was ridin the wheels off tryin to outdo Haga.
i wasnt hatin' on ya Nevaeh. i watched the races when they aired on Sunday and was jumping up and down when Spies passed Haslam and then took it to Haga on the last lap. Amazing!!!

was just trying to keep ya from getting a trip to the banned camp. just gotta remember some arent fortunate to catch the race when they initially air or their schedules wont allow for it. next time bro :thumbsup:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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