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This is a shout out to Indiana riders from all parts really. Me and some of the guys I ride with are planning a weekend (fri afternoon - sunday) ride sometime at the end of July. We are looking to do mostly southern Indiana/ northern Kentucky.

1st. I need sugestions for some great roads and possible destinations ( from scenery to bars)

2nd. How many people would be interested in a ride like this. I could put together a general route plan for the days that we would be out and post it for all who want to join for all or part of the ride?

p.s. We ride spiritedly and have fun (miiiiight touch an occasional knee:thumbsup:) but try not to cause any problems with the law. So if you are constantly on one wheel or acting like an idiot, this ride is not be for you
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there is great roads in southern indiana, pm me and will hook up with you this weekend.

join and post up what your plans are. we have some great rides all the time. last weekend we rode down to tennessee and back on backroads. one guy in particular, mrailing, knows a ton of the roads in indiana and can probably draw you up one hell of a route. about half of the site is riders from southern indiana. if i'm off work, i'll join for sure
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