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bazzaz zfi+ afm+map selector switch +O2 eliminator

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bazzaz zfi unit+ zafm+map selector switch+ O2 eliminator
they r like new mint condition work perfectly used for almost 150 mile only
need some cash

650$ all shipped

What year Bike?
How much do you want for just the map selector switch?
sorry diddy2003 but
i prefer to sell them all
sorry diddy2003 but
i prefer to sell them all
No prob man. Bump for a great product at a good price. I am running this set-up on my bike and it is awesome!!! Minus the selector switch, obviously.
Just to help you out:

Bazzaz Z-Fi MSRP = 359.95
Bazzaz Z-AFM = 314.95
Bazzaz Switch = 79.99
I don't know what you are talking about in regards to an "O2 eliminator" but if you are talking about the bung from bazzaz, that is 50 bucks.

Total Price MSRP = $804.89
o2 eliminator from dynojet cz mine is Europe model so it has oem o2 sensor
this deal work well with guys from Europe cz its too expensive in europe then usa
1 - 8 of 8 Posts