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Hello all,

I just got an 06 1000rr last weekend and as you might imagine since it is winter ive been playing with it. I took the exhaust off yesterday so I could cut away part of the heat shield (make it look a little cleaner) however when I put it all back together, it wont start and I have a solid red light on the cluster. Im thinking it may have something to do with that damn valve on the exhaust as it was a pain in the ass to get those cables undone and then reconnected. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any help
I have an o8 1000rr that shut down while riding red light came on the dash ,still turns over but the fuel pump isn't priming and wont start
The red light is the oil light so i would think that it dosn't have anything to do with why your bike wont start...

More info would be nice like will it crank over??
Can you hear the fuel pump prime?
Have you checked the emergency shut of switch on the bars?

Oh and the exhaust valve can be disconnected and remove the valve in the pipe if you want i did it to mine and i am sure that a lot of the other forum members have done the same..

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I have an 08 1000rr that shut down while riding red light came on dash still turns over ,fuelpump isn't priming ,wont start
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