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Bikelitez owners help me!!

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Ok I am installing my Bikelitez ss kit and I have the under tray bolted back into place. I have the typical gap that everyone else has had at the front where it meets the painted part of the undertail. But here is where my problem lies right now it looks like i have a large gap all the way around the taillight. Does everyone else have this gap as well or will it close up after I slip the painted cowl back on and sandwich the taillight also what is going to keep the taillight from pushing inside once it is all put together.
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mine didn't have a big gap, they have a double sided sticky tape that comes with the kit that you use on the light to keep it set
got everything put back together and the gap at the tail light closed up fairly well.
did have some leftover screws and bolts though
good good, it looks ballin now huh?? haha mine does lol yea I had left over bolts and screw from mine too and my leo vince gp pro exhaust
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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