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Bike's weight balance

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I know that Bike manufacturers spend some good time building a bike. One of the things they focus on is the bike's weight and properly balance the weight to have center gravity. (I don't know if that's what they call it). Meaning to put the max weight at the center of the bike.

Lots of bikers (and me soon) put slip-on exhausts, which messes up all the hard work of engineers who built these machines.

My question is: What needs to be done to re-balance the bike's weight after putting a slip-on?

Something like: remove the front tire?
or like someone commented: "there is an aftermarket part that goes with every mod u do on ur bike to re-balance it.. its red, 3D square ..

i think its called a brick!"

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i think the CG will be thrown off more by your heavy ass bouncing around on the bike than the couple of oz's lost by a lighter muffler.
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