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blinker help

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installed a integrated tail light, now the blinkers dont turn on. Not even the indicator on the guage.

I checked the fuse under the seat, and the relay in the nose section. Also rechecked all my connections, but i get no volts since they are not turning on. tail and stop light work fine, and so does the running lights on the front signals.
what am i missing in troubleshooting.

its an 08 cbr 10rr
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I would say re-check the rear turn signal wires making sure you didn't mix up the + and - connections.
U sure U have enuff blinker fluid?
I would say re-check the rear turn signal wires making sure you didn't mix up the + and - connections.
the green common is ground right? The taillight blinkers are a single wire for each side. i hooked the wires up to the + wires from the bikes harness, then i grounded the grounds. left them open too, nothing works wtf. and why would the front not turn on either?

Yea i checked my blinker fluid, its full. And not to nit pick but i believe its called Turn Signal Indicator Fluid lol.
Green is the ground. Although, it sounds weird that there is only one wire for each side. There should be 2, because how else would they get grounded.

Give me a few minutes, I'm gonna go check the wires from my CA taillight.
I don't remember the colors, but you should have 3 wires. One positive and one negative, and your running light. For fronts at least.
Also don't ground the negative to the frame etc.. just use the factory wiring. Reason for this is sportbikes have only a couple good spots for grounds. Its mostly fiberglass, and some metal is not connected to the main battery ground.

Plus it looks better:cool:
OK, yeah there is only 1 wire per side for the blinkers. It must be grounded using the ground for the brake light inside the taillight.

Try connecting the stock turn signal ground wires to the brake lights' ground wire.
thanks i missed that in the instructions, it says the ground is shared through the main harness. But regardless there is no voltage when i throw it on a multimeter with the turn signal on. The turn signal indicator on the dash gauge doesnt even turn on. my horn is working and i reversed the relay as per the manual and it passes the test. Even if it was just the way my rears are hooked up my front signals would work. but they don't either, and its cuz no signal is being sent for them to turn on.

If the relay was bad would i still see a flashing arrow on the dash, or would that not show up. maybe i will just change the relay to be sure. I cant think of anything else.
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