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Blinker tint?

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I saw this on a review site of the liter bikes...forgot which one....

the repsol that they had had the front lights blacked out and the blinkers tinted.....anybody know where to get the blinker tint from? or do you think they just sprayed them?
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autozone sells some. i think it's called night shades or something
Look way back in this section, I remember someone seeing a thread where someone blacked out their blinkers. I believe they just sprayed them black.
Or you can just get some regular window tint.
I did mine.





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Regular light tint should be sufficient available from most automotive stores.

nightshades... :thumbsup:

btw..diddy... nice blinkers.. I got the same ones, but no amber lenses included... are yours LED?
Nope, they are just reg bulbs. They are really good quality. Metal instead of cheap plastic.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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