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I used my body armor pants (size: small, p/n: BGLA2) for the first time today during a 50 mile trek out to see a friend in central Jersey. Afternoon temp on the ride out was mid-60's, cool and nice. I had a pair of regular old jeans, nothing "skinny" fit or tight, and they went right over this armored pant easily, no issues. I purchased directly from Bohn, $159

The sizing of the Bohn pants is a perfect "small", if that helps any of the other vertically challenged out there. I have about a 30 waist and a 29" inseam and they're perfect. I don't zip the zippers on the bottom all the way, I hate any kind of binding/tight clothes on my wrists or ankles. (Now if you're a girl reading this and you're into that, well... I am willing to try new things.)

They come w/the hip protectors out of the pants, so they had to be inserted and it takes a few minutes to get that right. I thought it would be easier to do if I turned the pant legs inside out, but man THAT'S like an IQ test and I was in too much of a hurry to figure that s__t out. What I am pleased THE MOST with on these Bohn pants is the ability to turn the shin/knee guards out, toward the outside of my lower legs. Yeah, the pant material is a thin, stretchy nylon-type stuff and it's easy to simply rotate the lower part of pant leg outward so the knee and shin protectors face more left and right than forward. That's where my worst injury happened from my 2018 accident, a small puncture that became infected with MRSA. If I had these on that would not have happened, because initially it was little more than a shallow scrape, and the armor in these pants is as tough as it is bendy and soft. I mean, when bikes go down they usually go to ONE SIDE or THE OTHER, right??!?!?? So SIDE protection for you legs is, I think, more important than front protection. Especially considering the force of the bike coming down ON YOU. Eeeewwww, I don't even like talking about it.

And they vent the crotch which adds comfort. I can't say anything about reliability or wear cause these are brand new. But I am definitely going to KEEP THE INSTRUCTIONS cause the pads are all kinds of shapes and I don't want to make a puzzle out of my laundry.


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