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Breaking in...

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How many miles has everyone used for thier break-in? I used to use the 600 mi. rule. the manual says 300. I've barely had it past 4-5k.
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Break-in threads are like oil threads, everyone has their own opinion of what's best. I personally break em' in pretty "Hard". Not abusive, but how I plan to ride it.

No mileage restriction for me, just a quick ramp up to the way I normally ride.
On my 01 GSXR1000, I just took it easy up to about 200 miles....after that I couldn't take it anymore and let it have it! Dyno wise, my bike was stronger that a lot of others in my area. I'd do the same thing again.
Yeah, ask 100 people, get 100 answers.

Myself, aggressive, but not for extended periods. WOT for no more than 2 seconds gradully increasing over time. I'm up to like 4 or 500 miles. Threw the shift light on for the first time yesterday after adjusting it to 10,500.
I broke mine in fairly hard. First 50 miles I varied the throttle alot. hard on and off the gas. Then went for more cruising miles. Changed the oil at 130 miles and now I have 300 on it. Good stuff.
Dam, I feel bad, I got like 985 miles on it now! I already did my second oil change. 1 at 200 and one at 800. Still using Honda oil, but switching to Synthetic at 2,000. Without programming the shift light It comes on at 11,500. Sure felt insane hitting it for the first time. I broke mine in between also, sometimes hard but most of the time easy.
Dude! 985 miles already! I don't want to hear anyone else complaining about the rain in SoCal. :wink: Every day it's been over 45 and not snowing or raining I've been out. I've only managed 393 so far.
just passed 300 today. I've been to busy to get more than 10-15 miles on it. I've ridden mine mostly easy with a few hard accelerations thrown in. I hope to put a couple hundred miles on it between now and Sunday.
immortal said:
have about 215miles on her now, i believe that the engines are already ran at the factories before delivered, according to the break in period set by honda.i have been running at 4-7k rpm, no redline runs, but have pushed her up to 8 grand at times varying the rpm's, with mixed accelerations, did couple wheelie's, but generally pretty moderate runs.all the other manufactuers seem to have a different break in approach, but i dont think honda would have recommended this type of break in if they werent confident about the motor.i broke in my 954 the same way, and after, had 145hp to rear wheel with full arata exhaust and tfi setup. not too bad for a 954, it also ran 174mph on gps
Yea I read Honda's break-in. No wide open throttle starts and hard lacceleration for the first 300 miles. LOL
race bike are broken in on the dyno....and believe me, they want to extract as much hp as possible from their engines.

in essence, the rings break in pretty fast. the main points are to just make sure your engine is up to temp before you run the bike, then let it cool down completely, and repeat, etc.
I did make the mistake of putting in 87 octane :roll: before realizing it says supreme unleaded. My 600rr said to put in 87, oops. One tank won't hurt anything but the damn thing has been pinging a little bit but I've refilled after running her almost dry with the good stuff. go easy on me. :cry:
Out of habit, I always use premium. Some bikes do run fine on 87, but I did notice that sticker on there right away. I havn't noticed too many other bikes that require premium fuel in stock trim.

Sub, no harm no foul.
I break-in in fairly easily. Kept it under 6k for the first 200, then 8k for the next 200. Still, at 650 miles this morning, I've only hit 10k maybe 3 times. I'll switch to synth at about 1000 miles, then I'll fully rip on it.
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