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I am finally getting around to writing this thread, a HUGE thanks to all for your help, support, information, great prices and selling me some stunning bike tech and all know who you are...:thumbsup:

I first rode a bike back in the 80's and loved every minute, but crashed allot as I was only young and learning, I never got fully into it and it always took a back seat to my 4 wheel obsession.....Until 5 years ago that is....sick of paying through the nose for tax and fuel then watching the fuel vanish as I sat in traffic I was talking to a colleague one day and she convinced me to sell my car and buy a thing I EVER DID!!

So I bought a brand new 2003 CB600 Hornet in 04 and my modifying addiction carried over from cars to bikes, with a number of friends into the the streetfighter scene in a big way and a few others working as engineers and mechanics I had all the help and inspiration I needed to turn


eventually into this:

After 3 years of riding this bike and learning what I could and could not do with it, time came for something with a little more power and poise.

I test rode a number of bikes but only one caught my eye and with the build quality I had come to expect (from the Hornet) The Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade was the only bike for me! I wanted the black and gray 07 new and could not find any near me

I wanted this:

in the end I found a great deal from a dealer in london delivered...3 days later and...

This arrived:

The above images is the only one I have of the stock bike fr two reasons, firstly I got on it and didnt stop riding for 4 hours, secondly as soon as I got home I started modifying it.

An Akra slip-on, R and G spools and a couple of carbon bits later:

After finding .net and spending a few HUNDRED hours reading and searching recommended mods and essential must fit requirements I got the lines fitted, a few more carbon bits, smoked screen, headlight covers, some trick bits here and there and a bargain set of BST's. This was a good few months after getting the bike and I threw a pic up on BOTM that gave me the November 2007 slot.

As it was:

A few more months, a few more payments to Brad, some Ohlins R and T's, TTX rear, a full Akra system to add more power and noise, Dynojet powercommander and Samco hoses:

Can you say BREMBO....brad sure can and once again a shipment from the US... add a couple of Rizoma billet res's and a digi gear indicator: (dont forget the Harris gas cap!)

A red hose here, Slave there, add a posh sprocket cover and a few gilles parts:

Changed my mind on the hugger and mudguard, needed some higher quality and found the Carbon Fiber works worked for me:


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Ok so here is were it all got out of hand...carbon fibre madness...its a real disease I can prove it! See:

here is another part added to later be removed, after the lowside (with original fairings in place...not the carbon) I had a few small scratches on the frame and didnt want that to happen again so added MORE carbon:

How about some Carbon from Japan, a little Magical Racing and a woodcraft cover:

I already had the basic setup I wanted but now I added the final touches....Quickshifter, thumbrake, gilles yokes, gpr damper etc etc...anyway I decided I wanted to do more trackdays and as I had the race glass and slipper from BONERS bike (dont hate, its was all up for sale to you guys!! :thefinger:) I started organizing a spare set of wheels, fairing stay, upper harness, etc etc.... well this is where we finish with the bike in its two states:




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mods list:

Ohlins R and T forks
Ohlins TTX rear shock
Brembo billet HP front calipers x 2
Brembo billet endurance rear calliper and mount
Brembo billet clutch master 19 x 18
Brembo billet brake master 19 x 18
Harris folding levers for both masters
MHMOTO remote adjuster modified and anodized
BST carbon wheels
Akrapovic Full Titanium system with carbon hex end can
Gilles One Yoke
Gilles VCR rearsets
Gilles Virbobars clip-ons
Gilles Chain adjusters with lifters
Gilles Titanium rear axle nut
Hudson performance thumb brake
GP Tech rear brake valve
HEL stainless steel brake and clutch lines x 5
HRC quick action throttle
TRS clutch slave cylinder
Posh front sprocket cover
K factory adjuster for brembo master
K factory stainless lever pod pin x 2
Samco coolant hose kit
Samco fuel overflow hose
HM PC strain gauge quick shifter + shift rod
Dynojet PCIII powercommander
Dynojet ignition module
BMC race filters
GPR V4 steering damper
GPR custom mount for Gilles yokes
OPP carbon HRC copy air intake
OPP Carbon full fairing with light mounts and cut-out.
Brisk racing spark plugs
Galfer front wavy discs
Corner2racing lightened rear disc
SuperSprox rear sprocket 520 pitch 44T BST fitment
RK racing chain RW ring 520 pitch 118 link
RK front sprocket 520 pitch 15T
Michelin 2CT tyres 55 profile rear
Datatool S4 C1 alarm cat 1
Magic racing carbon mirrors
Magic racing carbon dash surround
Magic racing screen
Carbon fibre works rear hugger
Carbon fibre works front mudguard
Flush front indicators
Clear alternative tail light
Corbin seat
Woodcraft engine cover LHS
Motrax reduce flash rate relay
Rizoma brake fluid resovoirs x 2
Goodrich stainless brake pressure switch
Swingarm mount titanium replacement nuts x 2
Gilles Shift arm holder
Harris fuel cap
Harris Oil filler cap
R and G Aero frame sliders
Rhinomoto fork sliders
Rhinomoto swingarm spindle sliders
Muzzy fan
Agras Engine slider RHS
Ladybird stainless res mounts x 2
OEM swingarm filled and painted to match HRC
Harris toe chain guard
Stainless bolts
Titanium bolts
Decal kit
Venture shield paint protection
Yoyodyne slipper clutch

Track parts
Track fairing painted with decals
Harris fairing stay
Moddified upper loom
Extra set of BST wheels with Pirelli Wets
Galfer wavy rear disc
Brembo HP front discs
Spare Hub with 41T sprocket

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Just sick...thanks for sharing, Dan.:thumbsup:

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I love it Dan!! Can I bother you to take a picture of the mount for the Ohlins dampener? I'm assuming it's only good for the RT's... oh, and didja get it from Beerad?

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Thanks all, I am just off out to wring its neck in the summer sun, new suspension settings and carbon fairing back on for the first time this year, should be fun :thumbsup:

I love it Dan!! Can I bother you to take a picture of the mount for the Ohlins dampener? I'm assuming it's only good for the RT's... oh, and didja get it from Beerad?
Its a GPR I have fitted, I had to mod the mount to get it to fit on the Gilles top tree, you can see the welded on piece in the image below.....thats not the only mod, its also machined on the bottom to fit over a section on the tree then powercoated to tidy it up again.

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