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Bushmaster AR-15 ORC

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Brand new Bushmaster ORC FS.

This AR only has 50 rounds of 5.56 through it. With the sale I will include a 6 way adjustable grip, original grip, 2 mags, hard Bushmaster case, all docs and reg, red/ green dot sight. original forearm grip and a Surefire Quad Rail w/ rail guards. Don't be fooled by cheap knock offs, the Surefire quad rail has a heat shield between the barrel and the rails unlike the quad rails from UTG or other brands. In this case you get what you pay for.

Looking to get $1850 and with the talk of banning the sale of ARs, that price is pretty firm.

Will only do FTF sale/ trade with valid ID and prefer a CCP


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They won't ban them, but sell into frenzies!
damn adam u really tryin to get a trackbike rnt u? haha the two things u got listed for sale i would never even think about selling my big screen or guns. anyway bump for ya

My father just purchsed one damn near identical to this for $2200 last week. they are an awesome gun and a collector piece if they do indeed outlaw them...
Why do I live in California again? Sigh.......
Come on guys... I'm willing to talk if you are interested
Reminder- For Sale Threads
These threads are for the seller to sell something.

Don't like the product? Don't post.

Don't like the price? Don't Post.

Can get it cheaper elsewhere? Don't Post.

Don't like the seller or his attitude? Don't Post.

These threads are not for bitchfests, complaining, wishing someone good luck with a sale, conversations that are unrelated, etc. They are for members to buy and sell things.

Stop it now.

Two people have been banned today for this shit already. It has gotten really bad lately. I have had it. If you do not want to buy the item, do not post in the thread. Respect to seller as you would hope to be respected yourself.

Resus Posted this at the top of the for sale section...some of yall need to read it again i believe:thumbsup:....
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if you are not posting up wishing to buy the members item then dont post at all.

thank you.
Is that a picatinny rail or ? Has it been registered ever?
Is that a picatinny rail or ? Has it been registered ever?
Registration is optional here in good old GA... Yes it is a quad rail. The rail guards are removable allowing accessories on all 4 rails.
Price drop... $1600
Some new additions and same price... $1600


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whats the diff between this and an ar14???
whats the diff between this and an ar14???
I know what a mini 14 is, but I have never heard of an AR-14
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