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CA integrated tail lights/protons flushmounts

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has anyone had one of these burn out due to the increased blink rate? the reason i asked is because i just installed the relay from clear alternatives. the integrated lights blink normal and the protons has a weird uneven blink pattern. the protons are wired up with the normal setup. i was thinking about putting back the stock flash relay because i dont like the protons blinking irratically, but am afraid the leds will burn out. do you guys think it'll burn out when it blinks fast?
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i think you can put a resistor in inline with the fronts which will slow them down and may make them closer to the tail. i'm not sure on this one though, so i'd wait for someone to help that may know more about the electrical stuff
When I installed my integrated taillight and hotbodies flushmounts I ran up to CycleGear and got one of their $20 Flasher Fix-it (or whatever it's called). It's just a replacement relay. It's a pain to get to the turn signal relay on the 04-05 models as it's between the headlight and upper fairing, but it was plug and play and I didn't have to wire anything into the stock harness. Pretty good investment if you want a normal flash rate.
Hello Drew05,
I had the same exact problem that you are experiencing on your bike on my 07 CBR1000RR(Clear Alternatives integrated tail lamp & Proton flush-mount signals that would blink erratically). After many attempts of trying to get it right unsuccessfully(which included the purchase/install of a CA flasher relay) I got it to work properly with the installation of a Custom LED brand flasher relay. See link below for the fix that worked for me.

Good luck!

yea i saw your post. and i think our bikes is doing the same exact thing. dayum. more than $30 for a relay? i know brad has one too but i dont know if it'll fix that and how much? it sux cuz i just spent $20 on a useless relay.
Does anyone have the new Clear Alternatives Sequential Integrated Tailights? The are brand new or I just found out about them anyway. I was wondering if anyone replaced their normal CA with these new ones? If so, are they brighter like they say? I have a link if anybody wants to see them. CL's website doesn't even list them yet.
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