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CA Street Legal CBR1000rr powered '27 T Roadster

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I just received the license plates for my CBR powered '27 Track T Roadster and thought I'd sign up and post a couple of pictures.

It weighs 975 pounds and is powered by a 2005 CBR1000rr engine with a Power Commander III USB, Yoshi exhaust and modified air box.

It has a 3.73 rear gear ratio which puts the theoretical top speed at approximately 139 mph on street tires and 116 mph on racing slicks.

I run Yokohama S-Drive street tires and Hooiser R35 slicks for autocross and track days.

You can check out one of my first autocross runs at

Here's some video of my cruising around my neighborhood

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Holy crap that thing looks amazing. Please post up some high res pictures of that beast!
what is the acceleration like on that thing, do you have any numbers (ie. 0-60, 30-60...)?
Long Overdue Update on '27 Roadster

Okay, so after driving my Roadster for about 700 miles and autocrossing it several times I decided to tear it all back down to the frame and start over. This time I sourced a 5 speed LSD transaxle out of a Turbo'd MR2 and close coupled the CBR1000RR motor to it and mounted it mid-engined. I built a new IRS suspension with inboard shocks using a lot of the MR2 components.

I now have another 800 miles or so on this configuration and am in the process of installing a T25/T28 AR86 Turbo and intercooler system.

It took a while to get the rear suspension dialed in, but having the Limited Slip Differential and a better front46%/rear54% weight distribution makes a huge difference on the autocross track.

I typically run the Toyota transmission in 4th gear around town, but can shift it into 5th for freeway driving. I had thought that I would run the MR2 tranny in 3rd for tight autocross tracks, but haven't tried it yet. A bonus of using a second transmission is that I now have reverse.

Also in this picture is my 1970's road race car powered by a 1999 ZX9r and my rock crawler powered by a Honda V45. The road race car uses a BMW 328 LSD diff and the rock crawler uses a Saginaw 4 speed transfer case and Samurai axles. The low/low gear ratio for the rock crawler is 120:1 and it will go anywhere you want it to go.

None of these motorcycle engine powered vehicles are chain driven.


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hmm, seems you like little cars with little engines, what do you drive normally everyday, something like a ford excursion or something?
awesome man.... those look like a blast
Nice fab job on those. Post more pictures of the turbo install.

Could you translate this:

"... close coupled the CBR1000RR motor to it and mounted it mid-engined."

What kind of brakes you got?

You didn't seem to get sidways at all in the video. Is the handling better now?
Cool ride!

I wanted to do something like this with my RC51 engine, don't have room for a project like that right now though.
Could you translate this:

"... close coupled the CBR1000RR motor to it and mounted it mid-engined."

What kind of brakes you got?

I fabricated an adapter that fit the splines on the output shaft of the CBR motor on one end, a rubber donut (from a Formula Ford rear half shaft) in the middle and the splines on the input shaft of the Toyota MR2 transaxle on the other end. This configuration allowed for a "cush" drive between the CBR motor and the car transmission and eliminated the need for a chain. I had originally installed the CBR1000RR motor in the rock crawler using a chain drive set up, but found it to be way to noisey at high speed. I have some video of the crawler going up a six foot vertical face idling in first gear, and then in twenty-fourth gear you could be cruising at about 40 mph on a gravel road and spray rocks off all four tires when you punched it. But ultimately it seemed like a waste to have that motor rattlling around in a 4x4 buggy so I built the roadster.

The Roadster has stock vented Toyota rotors and Wilwood four piston calipers.
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I fabricated an adapter .....
How did you fab this? Is there another forum where you discuss this I can go to and look it up?
Man I saw some weird trucks last time I was at the rubicon, but if I would have seen your crawler with a 1000rr motor in it that would have taken the cake for sure.
Dude, please give some more detail as to parts used for the mid engine set up. I would love to try a build like that one day. Something along the lines of the Ariel Atom. The midship track-t is awesome man. I love it!
I finally got all of the plumbing done on the turbo on Sunday and had my neighbor help me set the body back on the chassis so I could take it for a run around the neighborhood. At some point I made my way to the local expressway, ran the RPM's up a little then floored it, all of a sudden, whoosh, the turbo kicked in, the boost gauge jumped up to about 8 psi and I was flying down Laguna Boulevard to the sound of the internal waste gate dumping into the exhaust system, pist, pist, pist...

It was awesome.

Now I need to piggyback the Power Commander Ignition Module onto the USBIII and get it on a dyno so I can get it tuned.

I will report back with power and torque numbers once I get that done.
That's awesome! I think it is cool to ride with it. :D
If I'm ever in California for any reason, I want a ride!!!
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