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can you ID this part? need help

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thanks in advance guys/girls..

i am debating doing the same headlight mod that this guy did...

does anyone know what kind of fork bracket he used to mount the headlight? the headlight is from a buell xb9 and the screen is modified from a ktm..

i did a lot of research and came up empty handed..

i also emailled him, no response yet..

he may be a member on here, not sure..

thanks again..


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member over at fireblades. pretty sure it's a cut and paste job
Thats a clean highway stunter!
thanks for the reply, that is where i saw the post (on fireblades)...

i think the bike looks great, and fyi he is selling it..

i guess i'll have to do more modifying than buying..

if anyone else knows or has any ideas please let me know
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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