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I had some paint damage last week :sad01:

here's the ppg formula if anybody needs it :thumbsup:

base coat

1 to 1 reducer
p426-pp10 pearl red/brown 277.7g
p420-942 transoxide red 18.1g
p425-948 h/s black 5.6g
p425-989 h/s v coarse ali 139.3g
p192.5600 flip controller 23.7g

mid coat (needs five coats to match oem color)
p190-xxxx clearcoat 438.6g
p425-971 brilliant red 4.6g
9420-977 strong maroon 16.1g

it looks much better in the sun my camera sucks :shoot:

p.s i know color rite makes the paint but i'm friends with the ppg guy and work for a body shop
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