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Hey guys can someone please tell me what I need to do to solve my 2015 CBR 1000 RR only has 7358 miles I already put a new battery I know it’s not the battery. Plenty of crank amps do I need to replace stater change plugs

Can someone please tell me besides the battery what is causing the 2015 Honda cbr1000rr starting issues it will turn over but won’t start right away sometime 4 times of trying then the battery gets wrecker stop for gas after Having a good ride stop for gas started doing same shit can someone please help and tell me exactly what to replace to resolve this stressful situation

What is causing the Honda 2015 CBR 1000rr miles 7348 for having to turn it over multiple times to start ride stop to get gas does same thing but worse then before.I replaced the battery same thing what could be the main culprit causing all the trouble


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Remove battery cables and clean all ends. Sand lightly with fine sandpaper.

Make these 2 measurements:

1. battery voltage with everything OFF. volts = ???
2. battery voltage during cranking. volts = ???

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Most likely the (worthless on a motorcycle, but EPA Commies) EVAP system messing with the fueling.
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