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Honda CBR1000RR ECU flash, Yoshimura Alpha T Full Exhaust system and velocity stacks
Dano's Performance is now offering our ECU Flash service, Yoshimura Alpha T exhaust system (model # 12202AP520) together with our custom Velocity Stacks for the 2017-19 Honda CBR1000RR for $1535.00 with free shipping!!!. You save $69.00 along with the free shipping when you purchase this as a combination package. With our ECU flash, velocity stacks and a full Yoshimura exhaust system we have achieved 184 horsepower on the dyno!! That is a total gain of 24 horsepower with this package!! Just make your purchase on our website then ship your ECU over to us. Be sure to include your telephone number with your ECU so we can call you and go over the ECU flash features with you. Once we receive your ECU we will flash it then ship it back to you with the Yoshimura exhaust and velocity stacks. This special is only available to U.S. residents.

See our website at: Specials
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