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Central Texas Riders?

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Any out there? Killeen here.
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Hey whats up elliot, where roads you hit up out there in waco? Not many here plus to many cops around with all the dumbass's killing themselves getting back for deployments. Come on I know there has got to more central texas riders out there!
San Antonio.

Cheers! M2
I got my first bike when i was there at Hood back in '01. there are some really nice roads to ride and you'll never see a cop on them. I dont remember any of them though, I remember we use to head southwest or Hood and ride for hours just kill'n it back there. Unfortunately where your at your mostly gonna get stuck with other army guys. Which isnt always bad but a lot are new to riding and just back from the box therefore ride like a bunch of 'tards. either way have fun and ride safe.
TWS in May

Lets get a ride going...............

give me a call when you can.....
sounds like a plan....

litzner and guys need to make it. :popcorn2:
dude, I'm in just let me know when!
Litzner Elliot

I would like to go on the ride with youall.


what happened to the guy in Brownwood Texas??

I havent heard from the guy.


i'm waiting to see if Litzner is going to meet up to ride. :popcorn2:
good ride. I am looking forward to next sunday. :thumbsup:
san antonio here. but temporarily in alabam:th_down:
you are not missing out on much , myself i just like looking at my bike...............................

dam it looks like it would be fun to ride.............
Bump for Central texas.... been riding for a while (3yrs) 1st 1k. I'm in the area of ft. hood.
PM me if any locals wanna get together.
ft hood? im south east of dallas but don't mind a road trip to go ride. i did 200 miles one way to ride with rob14 and elliotrr. great bunch of guys and i had a blast tearing up the glenrose area with them. hit me up
My front tire

Don't know if Im going to make this Sundays ride. Can't get my camera to focus but here are a couple pic's of my front tire at 1/32 of tread.

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