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chain 116 or more?

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i am thinking of getting the -1 +2 gearing on my 2006, will a 116 chain fit? or do i have to get a longer chain?
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I went with a -1+2 on my 2004 and didn't need a longer chain. The rear sprocket on my bike had one less tooth than yours though stock so my -1+2 is the same as a -1+1 on your 2006. I still think the chain is long enough though.
I am currently running a -1 +1 on my 2006 with a 114 link chain, and i have plenty of clearance left to adjust the chain. So I would think you would be fine with the 116 link chain.
i just did -1/+2 on my 04, with a 114 link chain, and its perfect.
thats 15/43 w/ 114 links. did a short ride, adjusted it, and just did 2 days of track riding, and its still fine.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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