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I have a cbr1000rr 2008 , suddenly it started acting weird while riding , stuttering chocking bugging slightly then it became worse , one day i had a F1 light show up turned off the bike after a long ride came back next week to find the code gone , bike starts fine idles fine but acts like a launch control or rev limit bike acts crazy past 4 rpm can't seem to reach top end rpm on all gears , at first i thought its a fuel problem cleaned my injectors and fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump motor , still the same issue , tried the following
Disconnecting the pc5 , and running it on a zero map
Still the same issue

Reversed upper and lower injectors still same issue

Disconnected and jumped the kick stand as seen on a forum that it might cause bugs when vibrating still no luck

Sparks and air filter should be fine

Ive just seen it might be caused by low battery charge or high voltage coming out faulting the sensors

I made the connection to show the F1 codes stored on the ECU and i got a video but i cant seem to figure out which codes from the manual they mean

So please help on what to do , am i in limp mode or something , or i have a sensor problem

I will take out the injectors and test them to make sure they are fine

But helping with the codes will be much appreciated i will post the videos

Bike mods : pc5 , IM module , SC crt slip on
Bazazz Z bomb , block off plates , quickshifter sensor , dynojet pod 200 lcd screen , flapper mod , lowered and strapped ,
F1 light i need help understanding what codes they mean
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