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Go with water wetter, it doesn't leave the track slippery if you crash and can be cleaned up quickly.

The only reason you need antifreeze if it is going to be below freezing.

I run water wetter all the time and it works great.

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Sure, but you have to consider the source... Montreal. Odds are it dips below freezing a few times a year there. :wink:

Engine Ice has better boil over protection, it actually gives you freezing protection (To -27 F), it exceeds the cooling properties of water additive products (i.e. Water Wetter), since you don't have any pure water running through the system you can't get the scarring, scaling and mineral build-ups, and it's legal at every track I've been to. :thumbup:

You should definitely check it out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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