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Anyone living near Hollister, CA that wants to give up their bike for a little while can get a free Corbin Seat out of the deal. See

This is what Sargent has to say about their seat development at this time:

No. Our R&D process is months in the making.
And, it doesn't begin until we commit to a certain
model. The CBR 1000 RR is on our "tentative"
list, which won't be addressed until the
summer/fall for R&D, then - if we determine that
the demand is there - it may be developed for
release Spring 2005. We have a full plate of
models that we have already committed to for a
2004 release. So, it is not likely that we will
release a World Sport Performance Seat for the CBR
1000 until Spring 2005, if at all.

But, we do offer custom seat services
( as an
alernative - but it does require that you send
your seat to us to have the work done.

Thanks for checking in - again! We will hold on
to your email and consider it when we assess
demand for this model.

Sargent Cycle Products
+904-354-7979 Fax
+904-354-4531 Phone
M-F, 8-5 Eastern

May I suggest we all email Sargent and get our names on the list. We need to show interest or they will not make it. FWIW, Sargent is higher quality, just as comfortable, more stylish, will do custom orders, has several different materials, and to top it off are less expensive. So let's go for it.

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I totally agree with you on the Sargent seat. I have purchased 2 Corbin seats for 2 diffrent bikes in the past and didn't like either seat wound up selling both and going back to the stock seat. A friend has a Sargent on his 929 and I like it much better than the Corbin seat.
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