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They should be getting to me shortly. Advertised improperly on Ebay. Titanium color standard lentgh clutch and shorty brake. Problem is this...clutch side is for the 08 1000rr. I have an 07. Different part# - won't work. CRG is pretty good with exchanges, but I find this a little unethical being that I tried tried to sidestep them...and Brad.... just to save a few bucks. Shorty brake side is correct for 04-07 bikes but second thinking leads me to believe a shorty brake side won't be my cup of tea either. 70 bucks each shipped. BRAND NEW. Gimme a few days to get them and them I'll ship them priority to you.
BTW, think before you act all cheapskate-ish, Buy from Brad in the first place. I am shamed.:th_down: on me.
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