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cut down tank cover

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the BOTM that we have right now(red white and blue). i would like to know how the tank cover was done
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the owners name is Frank it says
tank cover

it was cut because larry pegram, the source of that bodywork used a series of different tanks and one of them had a quick fill type receptacle that would of interfered with the standard cover. the cut version in picture is set up to cover only airbox and on the front of the stock tanks there are 2 little tabs with a hole. the tabs have a wellnut in them like used on a windscreen that allows the cove to bolt there and at front in normal spot, then on the side lowers there is velcro. its just a sharkskinz cover cut with something
ok i think i know what your talking about. i am looking to do something like this to get me closer to the front, however much it might be. Thanks
ok i think i know what your talking about. i am looking to do something like this to get me closer to the front, however much it might be. Thanks
Yeah. I think that's the original reason as to why they cut them. Pre-08 cbrs have huge gas tanks compaired to other liter bikes.
beater tank

or get one like my new one. :)

tony, very nice
i tried that type of overall alloy tank but no luck getting it over my high volume carbon airbox that needs the extra space under the shelter, so i had to use the hrc type 1/2 alloy tank with standard volume. how much extra volume did you pick up with this version
HARDTOP we are on the same page here about getting over the handle bars more. its been said that the suzuki guys have been "shortening" their tanks all along and that was one of their protests to the DMG. but i dont see much of a problem since everyone could do it (shortening their tanks) if they wanted to either by cutting and welding or take a body hammer and filler to produce the same effects. what do you think?
btw Tony that is a nice tank but where are the decals? was you not able to clear over them?
Frank, I'm still not home to fit it, but Simon assures it is designed to work with the stock airbox. I will post picks once I reinstall the motor (head,cams,valves, springs,piston work)

I noticed your airbox is designed to look like the upper part of the tank. Very trick indeed.

Did you paint the HRC alum. tank yet?
I did not want clear over any of the decals. The decals will be on soon.

Seven Stars JSB replica.
Try rasing your seat height. It takes away some of the "bulge" the tank has and allows you to lay ontop of the tank as oppose to leaning on it if that makes any sense? lol

Heres a picture of my bike. Look at my seat. you can tell I'm running spacers at the mounting points.:thumbsup:

This is the end result. "correct" body positioning and some picture whoring.:thefinger:
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excuse the ignorance: Does this, getting over the bars more, make a huge difference in handeling, being able to turn in ect. I just ride street, for now, and I'm not the tallest of guys 5'9". Just wondering if I would benifit from something like this.
yeah hardtop thats what i did, where the 04-07 seats where thicker than the 08-09 i was able to cut the foam and add some more foam then put the original piece back on top to retain the stock shape then recover with some new material. i cant seem to get any pictures to upload
JASONGIND you can take a hand towel and fold it to where it is almost an inch thick then duck tape it to your seat to keep it in place and take your bike for a ride to see if you like it or not. its not going to make your bike handle any different, this is just for your own personal feel on the bike. for me i feel more on what the front end is doing by being right above the clip ons
cutting theback half off the tank cover also makes the bike narrower. Next timeyouve got the cover off,sit on the bike . You'll seewhat I mean.
Interesting thread, Never thought of raising the seat..

Tony is up to NO good! lol Looking awesome bro!
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