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Well the HP number is down a little but there dyno is usually lower then the other mags.

HP: 145.4
Torque: 75.8

tank empty : 431 lbs
tank full: 459

1/4 mile: 10.14
0-30: 1.2 sec
0-60: 2.7 :D
0-90: 4.6
0-100: 5.3
top speed: 178

had some real good things to say and a few not so good such as hard seat, grappy cluch, pirelli OE don't work well on it...get the battlax they said it handled great with them on...or better yet just get some pilots.

they also had a small shoot out with the gixer and the RR beat it in most of the times and the lap times

anyone read this
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