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Dash LED's

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Ive seen a few threads on here where people have replaced their orange dash led's with other colored ones. I was bored and decided to try this. I have successfully taken that dash out, and apart, but now I am struggling to find some replacement led's. Revolutionary 22 put up this page in his thread to show where he purchased his red leds (pn# HSMC-A400-U80M1) I would like to purchase the same type, but in blue. The blue ones listed on this page, do not have the same mcd level. Does anyone know where I can find some?

there are some listed on ebay, but only come in a pack of 50. I am only looking for 8ish.

I have also contacted and unless I send them my dash, refuse to help. If someone has ordered some plcc-4 blue led's with and mcd level above 1000, and wouldnt mind selling me some, or know where I can get some. please let me know.
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Glad to help!:thumbsup: Keep in touch
The SC57 uses PLCC-2 led's - not PLCC-4. Maybe that will help a bit.
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