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De Puniet bar end hand protectors?

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What are on the ends of Randy De Puniet's bars? They look like dirt bike finger protectors but thin enough to be a lever. Rear brake lever maybe but why on the left bar? I'm not sure if it's on the right one. I only have one close up and the playmate is topless, so I can't post it.

Ok, I found one without a playmate ...
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They are there to protect the levers from being pushed inadvertently in the event that he comes together with another rider/bike. One of the best examples was in motogp a few years ago when Sete hit the back of Capirossi's bike with his brake lever, causing him to flip and take a bunch of other riders out.
Yeah, that and so he can hold the bars like a mountain bike for going up hills.
He's a crash magnet...he needs as much ancillary protection as possible!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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