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DMP Stands Group Buy!!!

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Its finally up!!! We have worked out a special deal to get you guys awesome 25% off savings on DMP Stands! These are solid stands for a killer price. We've got the rearstand, forklift stand and headlift stand. The headlift comes with 5 assorted pins that include the one for the 600RR. You can also get additional pins if you want. We are doing this group guy until April 19th so jump on it before its over. The stands will ship the following Tuesday after the GB closes.

To get the 25% off, add the stand to the shopping cart and add the code "DMP". We also carry DMP spools as well as other brands of spools so don't forget to add those if you need em!


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You don't sell to Australia , that blows!
You don't sell to Australia , that blows!
Who said? Yes I do :thumbsup:

PM me.
Will be hitting this up. Thanks for the military account setup too
I have a Vortex rear stand and have been looking for a front. Is one much better than the other between the fork lift and head lift?
the stand that picks up by the bottom of the fork legs don't allow for movement of the steering, while the stand that goes into the steering stem is slightly more combersome. because you have to muneuver it between the fender and the upper fairing then insert the pin into the hole at the bottom of the stem
Dam I was at checkout and saw $31.00 for shipping. Ouch. GL nice stand for $60.00
i got a set from fleabay., and was very satisfied with them. DMP makes some very nice stands at very nice price.

of course now i use my PB, but before that, came DMP .

+ their customer service is outta site. I bent 2 front pins & they sent me out some new ones at no charge....
I have a set of these ! they work great and i got them for cheap off my friend! great stands to whom ever buys a set !
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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