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Dumped my bike with Pictures

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Well guys it happened, high side fall.
Stopped at a red light, went to make a turn, accelerated to around 25, then my rear wheel hit a patch of oil on tar kicked to the left and the high side was on.
Bike hit on the left, flipped ass over end, then landed solid on the right side. I was tossed off when the wheel kicked, I landed on my left and rolled out. The first thing I asked when I made sure I was okay was, “Did it look cool?” to the two hot chicks who happened to walk up. (EPIC FAIL)
Thankfully I was wearing all of my gear, which took the hit and left me with one spot of road rash on my left knee.
Pictures below.

I always needed a good reason to get a new fairing set, I will be buying from Auctmarts, they have a Repsol fairing set that I want, I want to know if they make good stuff? Other than the fairings, I broke the front fairing stay/support (~$100) and my clutch fluid reservoir. Will make for a great project, I will keep you all posted.

Don't be hating on my Pig spotters, I won't be making that :gay: again


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Forgot to add what I did yesterday....

So sad looking :whyme:


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Hey buddy, I have the following avaliable for sale after April 27th:

-front stay
-clutch m/c with reservior and hose

Also a set of 07 fairings minus the tail.

PM me if interested.
Thanks Tony I appreciate the help but I just ordered everything
sorry to see, not too bad overall from what I can see
sorry to see that glad ur ok.
that sucks. but at least you'll be able to get the new fairings you wanted.
Sorry to hear that your bike got messed up, it doesn't look like its damaged too bad. Glad your ok though
looks like you got away without to much damage
Thanks for the support guys, it is all cosmetic, the only functional damage I have is my clutch master cylinder is broke, and my front fairing stay broke.
I just ordered all of my parts from the Honda shop by my hosue and they will be in on Thurs. The fairings may take a little longer, but already the communication from auctmarts is great
Glad you are ok. Cant wait to see the what the bike looks like after the new fairings. Good to hear that your experience Auctmarts has been good.
It Sux when a lady bites the dust, but at least the repairs are relatively minor and you survided with just some rash.
So, since your pig spotters were messed up, are you going to replace them or get some real mirrors?
So, since your pig spotters were messed up, are you going to replace them or get some real mirrors?
dang i bet your bike looked very cherry before this.
Forgot to add what I did yesterday....

So sad looking :whyme:
thanks a lot man and I will take care of your order!
Never fear the pig spotters are staying where they belong: trash.

I like to think my bike was pretty sick before, I was hoping after a few more mods to put it up for BOTM, but that is now a longer ways off, maybe I could still make BOTM with wreck and after pics showing what I have done to fix her
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