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Dyno and Custom map...forgetting anything?

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I'm taking my bike in on Friday to get it dyno'd and a custom map built. I just want to make sure I'm not forgetting to do anything.
I removed my pair valve several weeks ago and installed block off plates. Installed PC V, z-bomb, and exhaust. I have fresh oil it her,is their anything else?
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Bring a memory stick, request copies of the run files. Not just printouts, but if you get the actual file you can view it and get all sorts of other info later.

And if they are amenable, AFTER you do all the mapping, put the original map in, and do 1 last pull. Compare that to the best pull you did with their new map.

Most shops start off running the bike while things are still cold, your stock pull looks weaker than it really is as a result. While they are mapping the bike warms up, and so it looks like they are adding more power than they really are. That final run with the original map in it will show you how much difference it really made.
I would add that you should clean and lube your chain, check the slack in it, and check the pressure in your rear tire.

And an obvious one, make sure you go there with a full tank of gas. They shouldn't use up too much, but just in case. And use plain premium gas and not race fuel or octane booster in the gas.
How did it go?
He hasn't gone yet. He's going on Friday.
Ok thanks, I need to check my chain. Thanks guys!
I'll let you know. I am going to a shop in North Miami. Blais cycle.
I had my 06 done their, good group of guys.

Well went to the dyno today....I dont have the chart in front of me but I think it was 167hp with 82ft lbs of torque......I am very happy with the results. Sooooo smooth now and pulls very strong. I will post more later, going riding now! I don't have a scanner but I'll take some pictures of the graph.

Tell me what you think!! Oh, by the way the base run was with all my mods, only with Brads map. Shows you how much different bikes and different locations change the tune.


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wow those are great numbers!
Very smooth power band.
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