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I have big problems since I fell from my bike...
My bike starts to "choke" or stutter after the ignition and making few hundred yards.. and than I stop, turn the bike off, turn it back on and everything is OK for next few houndred yards...

I took my bike to the service shop, and they connected it to the computer.. My ECU sais that the problem is the map sensor (that litlle bugger that is on the lower right side of the airbox). If they change the map sensor with new one, error stays... Thy tried new ECU, and the problem is still there, but when they connect my ECU to another working bike, it gives everytime different errors, so the problem is deffinetily in my ecu for starters... but when they plug (bend) the air hose that goes to the map sensor the error is gone.. so my question is... If I block that air hose and install PCIII with adequate map will the bike run fine? and I need to change my ECU, so I considered a HRC ecu, but what parts do I need to change on my bike for HRC ECU to work, thanx!!

The mechacin sais that the problem could be in the housing of throttle boddies and that there somewhere it takes "false air", and confuses the map sensor...

thanx for any reply!!!

it's an 08 model
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