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Aweome to deal with and thanks again for the Hookup on the SharkSkinz:thumbsup:
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Great guy to deal with and get him on the phone and 2 hours have gone by.. Thanks for the conversations Eddie now get to WORK!

great experience with eddie on my end. Just got my upper decals after waiting almost a whole 48hrs.... Cut clean and look good!! I plan on putting them on this weekend so I'll post up a pic when I get around to it. Thanx a bunch eddie for the help and such a quick ship!!!
Can anything be improved? Do you have any technical problems? You can also offer parts and accessories for sale. Join this discussion forum if you own or consider buying the Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade.

I thought something was fishy with that one the other day, Mez.

posts didn't apply to anything.
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