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Exhaust Help

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Whats up all my fellow CBR Heads. I'm new to the game ive been riding for 3 years now. I had a 06 600 and now i just bought a 06 1000 with 3,000 miles its damn near brand new. i figure this would be the best place to get some good tips. heres my question. does anyone know what maybe the best exhaust for the 06 1000RR. i know there are so many. i had a jardine rt1 on my 600 and it was sick i really like it but i wanna go diffrent this time. its something about that dual exit on the back!! :) i really want to make this bike fun to ride and turn heads with the sound as well. any help on this would be sweet:hail: i respect all riders and i defitnitly respect the CBR 1000RR. THANKS FOR READING AND I LOOK FOWARD TO ANY WEBSITES OR PLACES YOU KNOW THAT ARE WORTH CHECKING OUT! THANKS AGAIN
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Do a search, there is no end to the exhaust threads

Best for the 04-07 are Arata, Sato, Akrapovic,

IMO get the ladybird. The nicest slip-on for the 04-07. It's loud but sounds increadible, not to mention that simonkobejapan is a great person to deal with. He even has one listed on eBay right now
hey thanks man. that looks like a good one. i will keep that one in mind! thanks again

I have the full Akrapovic. Love it. Heard a lot of good things about Arata. Can't go wrong with either of those. Awesome prices floating around on here for these.
Check out the ladybird setups that Simon Kobe has for sale , its a kick ass pipe
i def will!! thanks alot hopefully i can decide by payday! thanks again
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