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First of all let me say a big HIIII to all you BLADE riders. I am NEW to this forum, but I doooo read your posts for some time now, and since I will become a 1KRR owner soon I finally decided to join the group of the ELITE :beer:

So, here is my question... As most of you I am looking for a bloody good exhaust for my new 1KRR, Since I still have 2-3month to bee delivered I have the luxury of waiting for the new products... :twisted: Now my preference would bee something like the original or with twin pipes, but defenetly not one like most I have seen in this forum - with normal pipes you get normally on the side of "avarige" bikes - quality and designe all matters!

As a matter of fact any ideas or suggestions would make me happy, ofcourse with pictures or at least links to them cheers....
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