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FALLING HARD AT 8000 RPM?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?

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Any knowlegde of what the ecu is doin at 8000 rpm? Bike is an 07 1K and having problems at 8G, fuel curve is good till this point, then it leans out hard (poping like its hitting the rev limiter) then wakes up wild at 9,500 10,000. changed out ecu, fuel line, ign coils, and still the same thing. started the proses of ilimination with disconnecting powercommander, then bypassed kick stand switch and still the samething. Does the ECU retard the ingiton at this point? Im thinking this might be the problem because i milled the head witch retard the ignition timing(if im correct but not sure). Did have the bike on a dyno thats how i kno the fuel curve is good. anyone have any knowledge or ideas of what could be the problem?
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I would love to help, but i dont have a Blade yet lol.
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