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Fellow rider run over by a trashtruck

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A kid from the town I live in was run over by a trashtruck today. An officer I spoke with said his injuries were extremely bad and probably will not make it. Its too bad that stuff like this happens when he wasnt doing anything wrong. He was cut off by the trashtruck, T-Boned the truck and was ran over by the rear wheels. We can only hope he makes it...

TEWKSBURY -- An unidentified male motorcyclist was flown by helicopter to a Boston hospital Friday afternoon after he collided with a trash truck near the intersection of Shawsheen Bridge Streets in Tewksbury. The accident occurred around 12:30 p.m. The condition of the motorcyclist was not immediately known.

The Massachusetts State Police accident reconstruction team has been called to the scene. The motorcycle was seen lying on its side next to the trash truck, with the two vehicles facing in opposite directions.
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thats bad hope he pulls threw
Damn, that sucks.
Sorry to hear this, prayers to him and his family.
Dang...that sux. Prayers go to him and his family.....
Prayers go to him and his family.....
What he said, that's terrible.
terrible news. wish the best for all involved...
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