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Fender eliminator on a 09 ABS

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Sorry for any bad english. For anyone who doesn't know, the 09 model with ABS has a "fatter" rear setup due to the ABS installation. If you look closely, there is no rear wheel hugger because of that. My question is: since the plastics are slightly different, a fender eliminator designed for the non-ABS model would fit in a ABS model? Anyone tried that already?

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Their shouldn't be any change to the tail unit, but im not 100%

Ring your local Honda dealer, then let us know?

The Tail unit is untouched the only things that have changed are as follows.

No Rear Hugger (not even the dinky one on the non ABS)
The servo housing is bigger to accomodate the ABS it is about 2 inches fatter and if you look at the side of the bike you will see on non ABS the plastic stops at the top of the pillion hangers on the ABS it stops just above the footpeg itself.
Addition of speed sensors on the wheels and the correlating wiring and hoses for the ABS system itself.

In answer to your question you can use any FE you like that replaces the stock section only, If you are replacing the underseat painted panel then it would need to fit exactly as there is no room for error if you get near the abs/servo housing.

My Honda dealer had an undertail in carbon fiber from Rizoma and it fits perfectly. Here are some photos (including the latest addition: a Yoshimura R77 Titanium slip on). The rear light is not yet modified but will be a Clear Alternative with integrated turn signals. I also installed an HRC quick action throttle. The response is great! Highly recommended.

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The Yosh looks and sounds great. Love the undertail.
i install for my brother on the 09 repsol , it is the same , cause i take the fender of my 08 put on his bike it fit perfectly
Hey man, what did you end up doing?? do you have any pictures??
Also, for some reason I can't see the pictures that Zaga put for his fe!!!!
it's time for me to do mine, 09 ABS, I don't like to put the license plater right under the tail light, or even a lil bit furthere where it's under the rear seat.
Is there somebody that did his where it sits on/next to the black (fat) portion of plastics to be exact right above the rear hugger if there was to be one??
I really like to through it all the way back there and keep a clean look of the undertail.
anyone??? any suggestion??
Do I have to drill in the ABS plastics to put the plate there?? or anyone found a way to keep the plate down there???
Thanks in advance.
Thanks Zaga for the pic.

I already bought a piece for the plate that I think will satisfy me, where the plate will be pushed to the inside instead of what's the in pic which it's leaning upward towrds the back of the bike. Did you cut and drill or you bought a new piece and drilled.
Again Thanks in advance.
I used a metal piece and drilled it to attach.

Best regards
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