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Fi light blinks 11 times

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Big problem need some help. 06 cbr 1000 K&N filter with aftermarket pipe. Around the mid 5k rpm range it bucks around and lose's its power. Any Ideas would be Great. Swapped Throttle Boddies to rule out TPS also swapped Ecu
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11 blinks refers to the speed sensor which would not cause a running issue though. Need more info about the problem to diagnose it.
a speed sensor. What does that control. I dont know what other info i can give you. I gave the only symptoms its doing. I have a Power commander tried to remap it,still did it. Took it out still same issues. the shop said the secondary injectors arent coming on. When he hooked up a volt meter to the Tps its not changing when you turn the throttle.
once i get home i can tell you what the 11 blincs code is, can remember of the top of my head. ok here is
11 blinks = velocity sensor (VS) circuit mal fuction, Loose or poor contact on VS sensor conector, Open or short circuit in VS sensor wire, Faulty VS sensor and the HESD will not work causing the problem you are having. :th_salute:
Just found out there were 2 diferent codes 11 and 8 flashes
Were is the VS at so i can check the wiring
8 blinks = TP sensor circuit malfuction
So I should check the wiring, cause I swapped throttle bodies so its not the sensor.
More imput , the gauge cluster has been unpluged so that would make sense for 11 blink code.
Its at a shop. The local dealer doesnt want to touch it cause its been customized.
If you still aren't sure, you should change the owner. And then delete your account here.

Glad I could help.
well thats not going to happen. Im tired of seeing Gsxr and busas customized
bikes fixed it was the speed sensor. thanks for the help.
bikes fixed it was the speed sensor. thanks for the help.
twat was it?
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