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Finally picked her up...

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Finally picked her up..after a 6 hour round trip drive to Tennessee..Here is my new 08 honda cbr 1000rr.Home at last.Let the mods begin


Got a good deal I think..$9636.46 out the door..Now the painfull break in begins:thumbsup:
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Congrats!! I just picked up my bike too about a month ago. I picked up a 06 1000rr blue/yellow with only 1300 for 8k. I drove three hours up to NH to get mine. Enjoy & ride safe.
Congrats to U as well!..Been 3 years since I sold my last cbr.. I am taking it easy on her for a while..Been researching new gear all morning:thumbsup:

any suggestions for gloves,jacket,and some street riding boots?..I have seen some new mid ankle style riding boots that look like they would be great for street riding..
Congrats on the new bike. I got one last September. My mods include the cowl cover, dark smoke windscreen (Zero Gravity) and the Honda Gel Seat. I've had Corbin saddles on past bikes, including my '04 CBR1000RR. I like the gel seat just as well.
Break-in? just don't get too crazy on the revs right away and then don't cruise at one rpm for long periods. Other than that, just enjoy it. After a few heat cycles, they're fine.
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what mods do you plan on doing to it in the near future ?
the bike looks great! I think i need an upgrade. :th_dblthumb2:
I have the same color on my 08. The bike is phenomenal! Enjoy.

Nice bike , congrats man !!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Congrats. Fastest colors to boot. :thumbsup:
Fuck the bike...what's up with the avatar?
I'm right there with u Cpt. I want to know more about that avatar!
Good choice of bike. She is a beauty! I just picked up a pair of short boots from Alpinestars. Love them! Only $170. They are SMX-1. I got all black but they also come black with red trim. Good luck and ride safe.
Very nice bike at a great price! After I decided I could not justify the additional $3-$4k for the sunbeam white 09 1000RR I wanted and no dealers in the state had one, I planned on buying a silver and black 08 RR just like yours. With the savings I could always buy white plastics and still be ahead of the game. As it turned out, it got sold before I got to it but I was able to get a red 08 1000RR yesterday! 3 miles on it and I cant wait to start breaking it in and making it mine. Now I just need to learn how to post pics and I could show you a very similar pic of my new bike in the bed of my truck on its way to my garage :)
Congratulations on your new toy! I got a yellow one last week and I've put in 500 kms on it since then. How do you plan to break it in? Hard or easy?
sweet bike. I have the same color. You'll love it
congrats bro
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