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Finally upgrading the suspension thoughts about my selection

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Decided to go with Racetech springs and gold valve kit. Figure re-spring for my weight and try and make the suspension that much better in the front on a budget.

Decided to toss the rear shock and spent the money on the Ohlins 46PRXLS.

I will be doing the spring job myself along with the gold valve kit. Anyone have any experience with the racetech stuff inputs please?
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My racetech springs were a different length from stock. You may end up needing to cut down or otherwise modify the white plastic spacers in your forks. I ended up taking mine to a shop to get them installed so I wouldn't have to worry about cutting any spacers myself. The front end no longer bottoms out during hard braking.
My forks are Racetech. I chose the high speed valving becuase of pot holes and dips and crap on the freeways. I can't tell you a difference between them and the G2R. I can tell you it took several weeks to break them in. At first they were kinda squeeky and seemed stiffer. I had them do all the work.
Thanks for the info. I will double check the length when I get them. Hopefully I don't need to make any modifications.
I did the Racetech gold valves and springs in my K5 GSXR1000 (as well as a couple other people's GSXR1000s), it was no sweat - the only special tool I needed was the fork seal inserter. Definitely helps to have it sprung for your weight (GSXR1000s come undersprung/overdamped in the front, oversprung/underdamped in the back), and I suppose the valving helps some, but the upgraded rear is where you'll really feel the difference.

Enjoy ~
Wow I really like the Ohlins being on the bike. I haven't gotten the forks back yet but I decided to not get springs and just did the gold valve kit. I also went with 7.5 weight for the oil and going about 10mm over the recommended oil quantity to see if it will make it a little better since the stock springs are fine for my weight.

I will be doing some test and tune this Saturday. Right now as it sits on the bike I have to wait to get the forks on before setting sag.

I now have to figure out what makes it smoother when I finally get to the track.
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