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For 04-07 1000RR: (all parts are in perfect, like new condition inside and out)

All prices include shipping & PP fees. (ship to US only)

Harris race stay with DZU fasteners (new in bag) $140

stock 07 calipers $150

stock 07 rear caliper/bracket $30

stock clipons with grips and throttle $60

stock 07 ECU $180

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very nice parts. very temped to get the ohlins from you.
Oh... Ohlins sprung for 190-210 lbs.
I'll take the velocity stacks and the tank protector
I'll take the velocity stacks and the tank protector
PM sent.
forks pending sale to Dorkman.
dib on the tank protector if he doesn't take it
r u back dude, if you still need a hand just let me know. if he dont take those forks, will they fit an 08, i would take them for mine.
Yep, I'm back. The forks won't fit a 08 though and thanks for the offer, but i did just fine with the wife's help bro.
Hell, she offered like she was trying to be nice. Then I said, "help?? Hell yeah... put some gloves on and hold this."

She took a deep breath. lol
yes sir. I'll PM you my PP addy.
Nope. Just the front nose piece.

Still have:

tank cover
both sides
both bottoms

$650 shipped.
lol, man I just got it.
Pazzo's sold to Golde4u.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts