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For those of you have changed brake lines???

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So i recently purchased steel braided lines for front and back, and before I go tearing into changing them, I was wondering if you guys had any tips or things I should watch out for when attempting this? Also what is the best way to drain the old fluid? Should I just unbolt form caliper and keep pumping it? Or is there a better way you guys have found to remove the old fluid. I've got a vacuum bleeder on the way as well so should I use this to remove old fluid or is it easier to just disconect and use the leaver to pump it out?

Thanks any advice would be appreciated.
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Use the vacuum to remove all of the fluid before disconnecting anything.

Becareful not to get fluid on anything, the shit will discolor your plastics and your brake lines.

Besides that make sure you torque the bolts to specs and don't over tighten because you
can crack the banjo's then you are in a world of shit.

Now start wrenching and take your time.
Disconnect from the bottom. No need to pump. It will just run out.

Brake fluid is nasty shit. Make sure you have a can of brake cleaner and some rags for any spills.
Beat me to it nine.

I do stuff the "old fashioned" way so I have never used a speed or vacuum bleeder.
I do stuff the "old fashioned" way so I have never used a speed or vacuum bleeder.
make sure the steel ends of the lines don't touch each other and restrict correct alignment of the banjo bolts at the master cylinder.also turn the bars lock to lock to make sure lines aren't getting too tight. use new crush washers and don't overtighten . drinking beer during install is recommended but completely optional.
+10 on the mighty vac. :thumbsup:
thanks for the feedback guys
I used a Mity-Vac (sp) to pull the fluid out from the bottom, and never spilled a drop. Not that the old-fashioned way doesn't work equally as well, it does, but the mity vac has a little cup to hold the fluid in and made it very easy and very clean.
Inspect your crush washers before you install them!!!! My galfers came with a crush washer that for some reason had an imperfection ( looked like a cut halfway through one side of the washer). I kept trying to build up some lever and nothing was happening, then I noticed a tiny stream of brake fluid shooting out where the washer is was and i had to dissasemble and do it all over again....pain in my azz!!
Another tip from the Galfer instructions. Zip tie the lever to the grip for two hours after you have bled them to make sure there are no leaks, like mentioned above with the washer.
The master cylinder has it's own bleeder. Bleed the master cylinder first and then the calipers.
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