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Yesterday I got my leaking right fork finished up and the bike all back together. Took it for a test ride and wow! Rides 100x better. It's like night and day compared to the sagging, bouncy, and leaned-over feeling before. I put all the settings to stock (no idea what they were before). Now the fork is clean and dry as a bone. The left fork is still good, so I'll leave it alone for now. Probably rebuild it this winter. I also put the stock bars back on and a CRG brake lever, too. It's so comfortable to ride now. No more fatigue and hand numbness.
I bought a spring compressor holder dealy and ended up not using it. After watching eric1670's vid I was able to get the rebound assembly screwed back on the damper tube. Ok, I did use the notched plate thing for that :rolleyes:

Thanks goes out to all the members on here and expecially eric1670 with his helpful vid along with another vid I found in a post here. All the research I did helped me tremously before, during, and after the rebuild. It actually wasn't that bad (except maybe compressing that spring ?).

Now I can ride this season with a freshened bike and no issues ?
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