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Fork travel, ‘18

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hey, trying to get some help here.

just bought this one recently and I can't get it to do the full or at least half of fork travel.
CBR1000RR SP1 2018
suspension is Ohlins.

when I bought it,
Fork was leaking, so I change the seals. replace the oil with Eni 5W. 470ML ON EACH FORK.

it feels very similar as it was. JUST no leaking

I want to track this bike so bad.... track only.

front feels so stiff.

the picture, shows how stiff it is .... FORK TRAVEL... I believe. (the picture was taken after abuse of brake and use.) high speed.
Rear its ok I guess.

the suspension setting on this bike is A1.

correct me if im wrong. thanks for your help.

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No alternative oil is appropriate for Ohlins forks or shocks. You must use Ohlins 1309 and the fork oil is set by oil height, not volume.

What you have done is likely add too much oil to one or both of the forks, and it is limiting the stroke. Or it could be that the oil you used has a thicker viscosity (5W cannot be compared across brands) and it's limiting the compression stroke.

Drain the forks, refill with Ohlins 1309, and set the final oil height measured from the top of the outer tube with the outer tube fully down and spring NOT installed. 160mm is a safe place to start.
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