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Frame sliders

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Just bought a new 2023 and was thinking about protecting fairings and engine covers. I heard from someone not to use frame sliders because it bolts thru the engine and in the event it snags something it will Crack the engine. Anyone have any insight on this? Are there better alternatives? Thanks for your time
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It will not crack the motor. The frame sliders bolt into the same place as the upper engine hanger bolt that is part of the cylinder block. Furthermore, most no-cut frame sliders have the actual plastic slider on a separate mounting bolt so it will transfer the impact to the frame and not the engine mount bolt.
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GB Racing case covers stick out passed the fairings, so those paired with bar-end and axle sliders should be enough to mostly protect your plastics and bike. That's all I run on my '22 as I didn't want to deal with frame sliders.
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