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Front suspension PROBLEM !?

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Hi everybody. 3 months ago I crashed my bike (1000RR `05.),and my front part of bike (wheel,forks) left untouched. Right handelbar was damaged and bended a lot. Rear rim and swingarm were damaged pretty much. I changed all the parts,but I have a problem. When I am driving, the bike is correct,very nice to drive,and when I leave my hands from handelbars,the bike is going straight. But I can see that booth handelbars and upper bridge is turned to the right side a little bit, about 1-2mm. Do someone know what should be the reason for this? Because front part of bike did not hit anywhere exept right handlebar. Is it possible that steering stem received a hit during the crash? Or how can I check what is the problem?
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I'd be surprised if you could visually see 1 to 2mm with the naked eye. But if you did break the rt bar it is possible to have bent at least the top triple clamp. If your fork action is smooth I doubt the triple is bent though.
Thank you. Yeah,it is visible on upper bridge with naked eye,but is not much,I do not know exactly how much. Maybe 2,3 or 5mm. I have to keep my steering a little to the right if I want that bike is going straight (also booth handelbars but it is hard to notice that,becuse are wide,but on upper bridge is very nice to see) . We loosed the fork`s bolts on upper bridge and steering stem and tried to adjust that a little bit,but unsuccessful. And one friend adviced us to try to lose and turn steering stem shaft anticlockwise for about 90 degrees . What do you think here is problem,and how should I fix this? Can you explain me what is triple clamp?
the triple clamp is what holds the top and bottom or the forks sumtimes you can loosen both to p and bottom and try to align that way but if you see the defect it might not be worth tryn most times easier to get used one
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