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I have 3 HRC Quick shift modules kits for 04-07 CBR1K in the shop that are brand new in factory sealed packaging. These units are HRC design quick shifters which are used in conjunction with all SC57 (04-07) HRC series wiring harnesses.

*This cannot be used with OEM wiring harnesses;HRC harness has additional wires and connectors which are needed!

*HRC harness needed (SBK,JSB, Basic HRC).

Each kit ONLY includes the following:

x1 Quick shift module.
x1 Quick Shifter software CD
(Win 98-Win7).
x1 USB programming cable.
x1 Rubber Module holder.
x1 Aluminum bracket
(not pictured)
x2 Bracket mounting rivets (HRC... who knew!)

Shift Sensor NOT included.
Sensor and module pictured were removed from running bike for example only

The HRC quick-shift module connects directly to the HRC harness through the expansion connector located above the shift shaft; there is no additional wiring needed!

An example of the Quick-shifter computer interface can be seen below

When used in combination with a complete HRC wiring setup, the quick-shifter can be toggled on and off by pressing the horn button (which has been re-purposed over stock function).

The advantages of the HRC quick-shifter is that the unit cuts both Spark AND fuel during cutout and is infinitely tunable to suite riding conditions and bike setup. The module was designed to work in conjunction with a SHOWA strain gauge type sensor. Utilizing sampling of exerted force, the module could be adjusted to activate when a certain level of force is applied and is tunable from each gear separately. When strain gauge sensor is used, the module allows the user to switch between push and pull input without the need to swap sensors.

I have used this type of module on my own machines using SHOWA and HM strain gauge sensors. Standard push/pull sensors such as Bazzaz and Power Commander have also been used successfully by wiring them in a dedicated push or pull wiring configuration. When standard non-strain sensors are used, the user will have to calibrate the module to the sensor for shift timing and be wired in a varied configuration.

*Using strain gauge sensors, resistance is measured and the module is programmed to engage when a set resistance measurement is achieved. Since a standard push or pull sensor acts as an "on-off" switch, the resistance of the activated sensor will need to be measured and the module set to engage when that specific resistance activated.

These are not for everyone, yet for those select few; Here's your chance!

$350.00 OBO Per kit +PayPal fees/shipping. x3 kits available.

Please review my previous sales feedback and feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns you might have.

I would rather give my mates on the forum first dibs before listing on Fle-eBay!
Is any of tjese kits still available?
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