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FS 06 1krr blue/yellow Low miles ,Mass

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1 owner bike bought as a leftover down in PA in summer of 07 ...didnt ride it much as i have always had 2 bikes and didnt ride this much ....well sold my other 1krr last Nov and ACL surgery and baby on the way its time to try and get rid of this one ...TITLE IN HAND ..never been down at all is sitting in my garage with battery tender and on both stands ..ill try and list the things i have into it most everything bought from Brad on here ....price is $9000 ..if someone has cash ill be more then willing to listen but this is like buying a brand new bike already done ..

06 1000rr 700 miles
painted lower fairings
watsen flushmounts
PCd swingarm
CA tailight
CW fender elimnator
stock wheels chromed then centers painted yellow
tinted windscreen
Akropovic CF slip-on
im sure there is more just cant think

here are a few pics .hope they arnt to big

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Good luck with the sale. Lower fairings are very original, looks good.
just totaled mine with the same colors ..............hmmmmmmmmm you have me thinking

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