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FS 07 HRC 1000-RR

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The bike is completely 100% stock with the exception of the Galfer Superbike brake lined front and back. She’s got little over 5k miles on her and been to the track twice. Most of the miles are freeway commuter miles. The color scheme has been changed to Euro HRC look.
The bike is in immaculate condition and well maintained. Fuel tank recall has been completed. She runs and looks new.

I’m open to a partial trade for a 600cc track bike if I like the bike and the deal.

Blue book retail is $8,250.00

Will take $7,900.00 firm

This is what the bike will look like with the exception of the gold wheels. My wheels are black.

Will include the rear seat and cowl, Nikey mod, and rear brake res.
This picture is what she used to look like before I put her back to stock and change the color scheme. Picture is to show the Nikey mod, brake res and seat cowl.

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Those are my CZ rims in the picture up there. And the Vortex clipons that I'm currently using. Bump for a great seller.
That's also my current Akra exhaust system. Mani is a top notch guy to deal with.
Are those Auctmarts plastics?
the BOTM title alone is worth couple G's :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts